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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll my pet in services?

Getting started is a breeze! Just reach out to us via phone, complete our Client Portal form, or shoot us an email. Once we establish that we're a perfect fit for each other, we'll arrange a Meet & Greet to conclude your pet's onboarding process.


What areas do you service?

Downtown Nashville, TN and surrounding neighborhoods. Common areas include the Gulch, 12 South, Melrose, East Nashville, Germantown, 8th Ave. South, Berry Hill, WeHo, Belmont Blvd., Music Row, Sylvan Park, Sobro, Green Hills, West End, Edge Hill, and more! Don't see your neighborhood? Reach out to see if we service your area!


What kinds of pets do you care for?

Dogs and cats but are open to other species.


What is your pet care background?

We've been in the pet care industry since 2010. Laura, the owner, has years of experience as a professional dog trainer and pet sitter. Laura directly oversees management/staff and trains the team as true pet care professionals.


Could you explain the operational model of your team in caring for pets?

We prioritize consistency and recognize the importance of having the same Specialist(s) caring for your pet. While we strive to provide consistent Specialists, our team model is designed to ensure your pet has greater access to care precisely when you need us. All team members undergo a rigorous hiring and onboarding process, maintaining exceptional qualifications. They are fully insured and bonded, receiving training as pet care professionals. Our team model allows Specialists to take time off for rejuvenation, ensuring they are at their best when caring for your pets. Rest assured, our unwavering commitment to top-notch care remains consistent, regardless of the specific Specialist providing the service.


Could you outline the steps involved in your hiring and onboarding procedures?

Our rigorous selection process ensures that we only onboard the best candidates. This comprehensive approach involves a multi-step hiring process, meticulously evaluating core competencies. Live interviews further delve into assessing company compatibility. Every team member undergoes full criminal background checks and shadowing visits, ensuring a thorough vetting process. Our commitment to support extends beyond the hiring phase, with ongoing supervision and assistance from our dedicated management team and owner. We prioritize continuous learning through regular team meetings and training, reinforcing our team's commitment to excellence.


What does a Pre-Service Onboarding Session involve?

We will come to your home and meet you and your pet in person. We will review everything we need to know to take the best care of your pet. 


How can I stay updated on my pets' well-being when I'm not at home or during work hours?

We recognize the significance of maintaining clear communication regarding your pet's well-being in your absence. We have invested in advanced software that notifies owners upon our arrival and promptly delivers comprehensive reports, complete with pictures, after each service. This proactive approach eliminates any uncertainty about your pet's welfare. Additionally, our app facilitates real-time chat with your pet care team, ensuring seamless and top-notch communication throughout the entire process.


Can you provide details on your pricing structure and clarify if there are any undisclosed fees?

We prioritize transparent pricing to ensure clarity for our clients. Our pricing is readily available on our website and within the client portal, fostering openness and accessibility. Additionally, our comprehensive service agreement clearly articulates our fair cancellation policy and sets forth explicit expectations regarding payment deadlines. We uphold a commitment to transparency with no hidden fees, allowing clients to review invoices before payment is due, further promoting trust and confidence in our services.


How do you get in my home?

Most owners leave a spare key in a lock box or provide us their house codes. We can discuss the most secure and convenient way during the Meet & Greet.


Are you insured?

Yes, we are proudly insured and bonded to protect your pet and home while in our care.


Can my pet stay with your Specialists?

No, we believe pets are most comfortable in their own home. However, we can customize a package that best suits your pet's needs. 


Are there extra costs for services rendered on a holiday?

The following holidays/dates have a 50% surcharge per service: Memorial Day, Easter weekend (Friday-Sunday), Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday through Sunday), Christmas week through New Years (December 22-January 1).


What is your cancellation policy?

We recognize that life is unpredictable and plans may change. In our commitment to accommodating your needs while sustaining our business, we have carefully crafted a cancellation policy that strives to strike a fair balance between flexibility and supporting our operational requirements. 

When you book our services, we reserve exclusive time for your pets, limiting availability for other clients. We also allocate dedicated resources (time and personnel) for each scheduled service. Hence, our cancellation policy is as follows: 

  • A La Carte Services:

    • Full refund if canceled more than 7 days in advance.

    • 25% charge for cancellations made 7 days to 72 hours before the scheduled date.

    • 50% charge for cancellations made with less than 72 hour notice.

    • 100% charge for less than 24 hour notice. 

  • Preferred Walkers Club:

    • Cancel future monthly membership by notifying management at least 14 days before the first of the month.

    • Reschedule individual Club services within the same month within specified limits. Unused services do not roll over to the following month.


Would all Specialists have access to my information?

No, only Specialists assigned to your pet care team have access to your information. 


How can you ensure that my walker/sitter will show up and look after the care and well-being of my pets while I am away?

Our team comprises committed pet care professionals who hold employee status. In the unlikely event of a staff emergency, we have a backup team ready to step in and provide care, ensuring continuity and reliability. Moreover, our management team actively monitors the schedule, guaranteeing that all visits are executed as planned. Rest assured, you can trust that your pets will consistently receive the care they need without any concerns.


Given my hectic schedule, what is the process for scheduling your pet sitting services?

We strive to streamline the scheduling process through our user-friendly app, allowing you to request services with a simple click of a button.


What safety measures do you implement in caring for pets?

Safety is our utmost priority. Our Pet Care Specialists undergo comprehensive safety training during orientation, and this commitment to safety remains an integral part of our daily operations. Furthermore, we have a robust emergency protocol in place, ensuring a prompt and efficient response to unforeseen situations. In the event of unexpected challenges, our Pet Care Specialists can readily access the Manager/Owner on call for additional support and guidance. Moreover, we are fully insured and bonded, providing an added layer of protection for your pet and home while you are away.


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